Jewelry Links Directory
      Antique Jewelry Sites
          Antique Jewelry 14
          Antiques Directories 4
      Contemporary Jewelry Sites
          Fashion Jewelry 44
          Handcrafted Jewelry 68
          Jewelry Designers 8
          Jewelry Stores 67
              Bead Jewelry 34
              CZ Jewelry 1
              Gift Shops 107
              Silver Jewelry 90
              Titanium Jewelry 7
              Watches 52
              Wirewrap Jewelry 13
          Theme Jewelry 26
              Body Jewelry 12
              Celtic Jewelry 16
              Native American 11
              Wedding Jewelry 18
          Wholesale Jewelers 14
      Vintage Jewelry Sites
          Auctions 2
          Collectible Jewelry 2
          Costume Jewelry 18
          Estate Jewelry 2
  Jewelry Materials
      Gemstones 36
          Bead Resources 12
          Loose Diamonds 18
      Jewelry Supplies 16
      Precious Metals 1
  Jewelry Resources
      Appraisers 4
      Jewelry Information 12
          Diamond Info 4
          Wedding Plans 53
      Jewelry Manufacture 18
  Jewelry Search
      Shopping Directories 18
      Shopping Malls 14
          Jewelry Malls 2
  Public Service 9
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